February 4, 2010

More pics..

Still playing catch up. Love this girl.

Cuddling close to Daddy

Aren't those shoes simply ADORABLE?!?

A pond by our house that we stopped at on our way home from church one day.

5 weeks!

oops! This is Chan's face after she pooped on daddy! Hahahah

Bath time!

1 month
So sweet.
Soakin up the beautiful fall sunshine.
Isn't this just the sweetest picture? I think so.

Love her facial expressions!

Chan and Daddy checkin out the pretty sunset.

3 weeks

I can't believe that Chanley is 6 MONTHS OLD! Wow time seriously flies. I'm still trying to catch up on Chan's pictures...here's some more! These were taken right after our move to CO when Chanley was just 2 weeks old. (P.S. I wouldn't recommend making a major move right after you have a baby.)

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