February 1, 2010

Chan's pics continued...

Chanley with her great-grandpa and great-grandma Townsend.

Daddy adores his little girl incase you couldn't tell. :)

My cousin Katie -this is actually a rare pic because Chanley is actually taking her binkie..something she hasn't done since...

Deciding she doesn't like that binkie very much...

Grandpa with Chanley.

Chanley's first REAL bath. And she LOVED it! She looked like she was at a spa or something. She would just lay there and put her feet up and sigh. It was too cute! This was actually Chanley's signature look for a long time. She would always put her little fist up by her face.

Chan slept throughout the whole game. Thanks sweety.

My sisters and daddy

At the Dome in Pocatello watching my brother Ryan's football game.

Worn out after a long day... I really dislike moving can I just tell you.

Aunt Aubrey hanging out with Chanley while mommies clean.

These pics were taken in the middle of our move. Ryan's dad, and my mom and dad came to help us. Ryan and his dad left with the U-haul early and drove to Denver so that we could get the keys to our new apartment. They drove all night actually and then unloaded everything by themselves. (Not an easy feat but they were good sports about it). My dad left the next day to get back to work which left my mom and I PLUS our babies to clean out our apartment. WOWWWWEEEE that was quite the experience. What we thought would only take a couple hours ended up being a whole day (and might I add slightly stressful) event. Have you ever tried cleaning an apartment from top to bottom with not 1 but 2 babies?? This is pretty much what our day consisted of:
-feed the baby (ies)
-change diaper
-keeping babies entertained
-start washing the cabinets
-change diaper
-feed babies
-continue washing the cabinets
-check on crying baby
-get teething tablets for Aubrey
-feed babies
-change diaper
-finish washing the cabinets
you get the idea...
Aunt Aubrey looks concerned...

Before and After--standing in front of the hospital where Chan was born.

Taking Chan to the doctor!

She loves sticking her tongue out. :)
Ryan's cousin Whitney, Sydni, and Chanley

Getting loves from cousin Sydni-12 days old! Ryan's sister Brandi and some of his cousins were kind enough to come help us pack before we moved to CO. I have no idea how we would have done it without them since I was SOOO extremely exhausted....we'd probably still be in Rexburg actually. Thanks guys!!!

I love this face
Hangin out with Daddy watchin sports.

Aaaand she's awake. :)

10 days old -I had to hurry and take this picture before Chan woke up. Chanley slept in her crib very rarely at the beginning. She LOVED to sleep with mom and dad. She didn't start sleeping in her crib at night until she was about a month old. Now sleeping through the NIGHT is a different story...we're still working on that.
I'm still trying to catch up on all my pics of Chanley. It's kindof an overwhelming feat since I have so many to go through but I've got to just buckle down and do this. These pics are the last we took in Idaho before our move to Denver. Little Chanley was just 2 weeks old when we moved.

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