November 28, 2010

Just the Three of Us

We had such a good Thanksgiving weekend. Just the 3 of us. :) We stayed in most of the time, but it was perfect. Just cause.

Laughed (a lot.)
Stayed in our PJ's for 3 days straight. (Ok, maybe that was just me. Ry just loves it when I wear my sweats. Not.) ;)
Cuddled on the couch.
Ate Turkey and Pie together.
Watched a lot of football. (Even Chanley seemed interested. Ry was so proud.) There was one point she had fries in one hand and pizza in the other while she was watching football and Ry gushed, "Channy, you're SUCH a good girl!"
Decorated our tree. The best part by far was Chan's excitement when we turned on the lights. She ooh'd and aw'd all night. Lil' cutie.
Wrapped presents. (Well, tried anyway. Chanley was helping.) :)
Listened to Christmas music.
Stayed up late watching movies. (Ok, Ry stayed up late while I snored next to him.)
Watched old Christmas cartoons. Love those!
Shopped the Black Friday madness....yeah dumb move.
Took naps. Glorious naps.

Memory I don't want to forget.
Tonight we were all laying on mom and dad's bed. Chanley's so funny. Sometimes she just gets in a really cuddly mood. (Which i LOVE.) Chanley would lay her head on my chest and give me a big hug for like 15 sec, and then sit up and lay on Ryan's chest and do the same thing. Then she'd sit up and lay her little head on my chest again, and then Ryan's... She went back and forth. Just cuddling with us. She must have done that for 20 minutes. She had this cute little grin on her face and she just melted our hearts to pieces. It was one of those moments that I could have stayed in forever.
I know, mushy mushy! I love it. :)

I am so THANKFUL for my little family. Hope ya'll had a good Thanksgiving.

Watchin' Football. Can't have Thanksgiving without football, or so I'm told. (Bah!)