October 28, 2009

~ Chanley is born!! ~

First family pic- Leavin the hospital.

Already Daddy's lil' girl

Ry was so sweet in the hospital, he changed EVERY SINGLE one of Chan's diapers :)
Pretty impressive eh?
I love this picture. :0)

so cuuuuuuute!

Sooooo cute!

Had to take a pic of the back of Chan's head to show off that hair!

Aunt Aubrey with her niece Chanley-how cute is that?!

Love this face!


There's no feeling in the world that compares to holding your newborn baby.

Uncle Lukey

Grandma V. holdin Chan

Ry sleepin. We'd been up for quite a while.

Love her.


Proud daddy

Aunt Becca

I'm a grandpa!

So amazing. She's perfect.


Daddy-to-be is pretty excited. :)

I love how Aubrey curls her tongue haha

Luke got a little bored waiting so he started watching movies
Luke was so excited for the baby to come. He kept asking "did she come out yet?" He'd would be so disappointed when we'd tell him not yet. He held out until 1 am but then he finally fell asleep.

They had Taco Bell right in front of me. :) All I got was ice chips.

Ry and Aub. just waitin to meet the baby....

Last look at the big belly!

Hmmm...havin second thoughts about this...

Lets do this...how hard can it be?

About to put on the hospital gown. There's no turning back now!

The delivery room--gettin pretty excited!

Bring it on!

Going into the hospital...sorry about all the pics but we had to document everything. :) We were pretty dang excited!


Chanley was born August 19th, 2009 in Rexburg, Idaho. We were admitted into the hospital at 11 am and she finally came at 3:06 am the following morning. We should've known she'd come in the middle of the night, because thats usually when she'd come alive and do her gymnastics in mom's tummy. :) The night before we went to the hospital she was particularly active and even woke Ryan up because she was kicking him so hard! (She must've been pretty excited to come out and knowing her parents who could blame her?) jk. Needless to say neither of us slept a wink that night and little did we know we wouldn't be getting anymore for the next couple weeks. (Chan had her days and nights a little mixed up at first.)
Anyway after some grueling labor, (I now have a new appreciation for my mother. Thanks for going through all that for me..) our little girl was born. She weight 6 lbs 13 oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long. Her poor little face was a little swollen from the delivery, but she was still a little doll. She instantly had her dad wrapped around her finger. :) We love, love, LOVE our little girl!