April 13, 2010

Playing catch-up

Wow i have really failed horribly at blogging these last few weeks. In my defense though, it has been a pretty crazy around here. In fact we are leaving in just a few hours to travel to ID for McKay's farewell. I'll post more about it later. Until then, here's a few updates:

We had a great Easter- My family (bless them) drove all the way here (9 1/2 hours...8 people...) to see us. It was fun to show them around a little bit of our new turf. We went to the Aquarium, which was cool, I'd never been to one and it kept everyone (even the babies) pretty entertained. The boys went on a tour of Investco field, and we did the usual Easter stuff. Of course it was great to watch conference as well. I absolutely LOVE conference weekend, I really look forward to it every six months.
Chanley's first Easter. (More pics to come)

Fun at the aquarium{disclaimer- so of course my camera's battery dies right before we get to the cool fishies...I was so bummed. So sorry for the lame fish pics}

We closed on our condo! We finally got into our new house last Thursday. It was quite the process. Every time we move I am reminded why I hate it so much. Actually it hasn't been that bad for me this time, because Ryan has done the majority of the work since I've been taking care of a sick baby. I've been able to pack a bit when Chanley is sleeping, but other than that Ry has moved it all. (I know, he's the best). On top of moving, I also had to prepare a talk for church on Sunday and prepare my lesson from YW...yeah it was kindof a stressful week.
We're pretty excited about our new place, its perfect for us. And we're very VERY excited to not be renting any more. It's such a liberating feeling to know you own your own place.
Closing day! Pic of us and our realtor (who was a total sweetheart!)
(Sorry for the poor quality pic...it was on self timer)