February 9, 2010

My sick little babe :(

Whew it's been a very exhausting few days. I've decided nothing quite tugs at a mothers heartstrings than seeing your baby sick. Chanley started acting a little fussy on Sunday, and throughout the day developed a little cough. That night she didn't sleep or eat very well, and the next day she had a very nasty cough, runny nose, and was running a fever. There are times when she will just scream and be totally inconsolable. It seems to really flare up at night, she'll get pretty upset so we'll rock her and rock her until she calms down, and then she'll cough and start crying all over again. It must hurt her little throat to cough. You just want to cough up all that mucous for her-I feel so helpless! Needless to say Ryan and I haven't slept very much in the last few days. Last night Chanley had a temp of 102 and I stayed up most of the night holding her and wiping her head with a cool rag. Today I thought she was doing a little better, she took a few naps as long as I was holding her. But then later on she seemed miserable again. At one point I was holding her and she must have gagged as she coughed because she threw up all over her, all over me, the carpet, EVERYWHERE. Poor little girl. I wish so bad I could make her feel better. Well Ryan just went to buy a humidifier...hopefully that helps.

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  1. We hope that Chanley feels better. It is really the pits when they get sick and they are so small and can't tell you what is wrong. We are praying she gets better soon.