October 26, 2009

Our Summer '09

And of course our Lagoon trip wouldn't be complete without our western picture-quite the family eh?

Eating pizza on the hood of our car on the way home-gotta love it!

Ry after 2 days at Lagoon

My Uncle Jared-goofball :)

My dad and uncle Jared are the crazy ones in the front.

My Dad and Luke- They had a lot of fun

My big belly. 36 weeks :)

Water park! My favorite part

Ferris Wheel!

Luke-too cute!

RiDeS!!! (Guess who was the designated photographer?)

My mom and Aubrey-Love her rosy cheeks!!!

Goin to the Famous Preston Night Rodeo! Dad and my brother Brandon

Ryan hangin out with Aubrey

My cousin Katie holding Aubrey

Luke. Gotta love snow cones!

Aub and daddy-so sweet.

-Love it-

Always a happy baby :)

My mom and Aubrey


Jumpin on the tramp

Luke gettin all wet

We were visiting my parents one weekend and it started pouring...so naturally everyone went outside to play!

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