October 26, 2009



My mom and I

My dad and darling little sister Aubrey

Me and my little sis Becca

I had to post this pic cause Ryan's mom, my mom, and Nannette all showed up wearing yellow. It was too funny!
Ry and his dad

Ryan's dad and Nannette

My family -well some of them

Showin off my big belly!

Ry, his mom, and Mark

- All the graduates-

Ryan and I graduated from BYU-I this last July. Wahoo! It was sordof bittersweet because of course we were excited to be done, but yet we had a blast bein' college students. So many good memories! Minus the freezing weather, we are really going to miss Rexburg and BYU-I. But we're ready to take on this next part of our lives!

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