December 8, 2010

Our Sweet Lil' Girl

Chanley is SUCH a sweet, cuddly girl and I love it! She is so good at giving hugs and kisses, and loves just to cuddle up on my lap. It's heaven. :)

Cute experience. The other day we were eating at A and W. Chanley wanted to get down from the table and walk around, so we let her. Next thing I know she was walking towards an older lady in a nearby booth. This was a little uncharacteristic of her, since she's pretty shy around new faces. Anyway she went right up to her and just put her little hand on this lady's leg. Then she put her head on her leg and gave her a hug. (Well, her leg a hug, since that's all she could reach.) The lady just melted. :) She looked at me like, "I think she's hugging me!" She told us that Chanley just made her night.

I just love my girl.

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