March 2, 2010

Spring Fever!

Hello SUNSHINE! I'm so so ready for SPRING! I can feel it comin and I can't WAIT! Its been a beautiful couple days here in Denver!
Today I had a pretty bad case of SPRING FeVeR! I was sooooo pumped/modivated/excited/itchin' to:
-- clean our place from top to bottom...
--get more organized and make a 30 day meal plan
--sell all our furniture
--buy all new furniture
--clean out my closet
--get rid of a bunch of clothes and shoes I haven't worn in ages
--become more crafty :make new pillow cases for our bed/get a new sham and redecorate Chanley's room
--Also I'm SO excited for garage sales (I admit I totally love findin' little treasures and getting a BARGAIN)
Is this a bit obsessive??? Probably...but I can't help it! Spring is in the air!

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