December 1, 2009

Chanley's Blessing

I love Chan's facial expression in this one. So cute!

I had to get a shot of her adorable shoes

Great-grandma Grace

Great-grandpa Bill

Grandma and grandpa Visser (with Luke)

Grandma Dianna, Mark and Chan

LOVE her eyes

I love this picture of her
Chanley with "Uncle Jimmy" as he prefers to be called. :)

A shot of her darling dress


Grandpa Carl with Chan

Sleeping beauty. We interrupted her nap to take some pictures. :)
Sorry sweetie.

Uncle Keefe holding Chanley

Outside the church before the blessing

Ready to go!

Getting ready to go to the church! She seems pretty excited about it.

Aunt Tay holding Chanley- It was so fun to be able to spend the wk end with Ryan's family!

We finally blessed Chan! Wahoo! It was quite the process trying to figure out the best time and place for all of our family to make it, we joked that by the time we finally blessed her that she would be able to walk up there by herself. :) We ended up traveling to Ryan's hometown in Wyoming and blessed her on November 8th. I was a little worried about how Chan would do with the long drive but she was an absolute ANGEL, which I am really grateful for. My family was able to travel from Idaho to be there and it was so wonderful to share this special day surrounded by loved ones.

The blessing was absolutely beautiful and the spirit was so strong, of course I cried during the entire thing. I am so grateful that I am married to such a wonderful husband who holds the priesthood and was able to hold our little girl in his arms and bless her. My heart is so full with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the many many blessings He has given us. Ryan and I thank Him every day for sending Chanley to our family. She is a very special little girl and has the sweetest spirit. I feel very grateful and humbled that God has chosen me to be her mother.

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