October 27, 2009

Prego pics!

3 days before Chan is born

Me and my cousin Kate

Luke and Becca
Cute clothes for Chanley

The diaper game that some found questionable :)

Presents-Yahoo! :)

Nannette, Sydni, and Jessie playin a game
Brandi and Aunt Norma

cute cute. And those cinnamon rolls were amazing!
My lil niece Syd

Ry's little sis Tay

~36 weeks~

My cute sisters-thanks for your help too!
The balloon flowers turned out SO CUTE! Thanks Ry, Lindsay, and Jared!

My mom came up to Rexburg to help throw me a baby shower-love her.

My aunt Amy measurin my big belly

Pacifier cupcakes :)

Yummy food

My cousin Sheena with Aubrey


Baby Showers!!!
SO much fun! Thank you so much mom, Brandi, Aunt Amy, Aunt Norma, and Dianna for throwing them, you 're the best!

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